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Introduction and Algebra Prelim Solutions


I’m a third year Mathematics graduate student at the University of Kentucky. I am interested in Computational Commutative Algebra. For more details (such as my CV or how to contact me) please see About Me. I will regularly update this site with my current research interests and teaching.

Algebra Prelim Solutions

While studying for my Algebra prelim, I wrote up several solution guides for past exams. These solutions are missing some details, so they should be used as a guide only. If you see anything wrong with them or have suggestions, please email me.

You can download a zipped folder of all the solutions here:
Algebra_Prelim_Solutions_2019-2016.zip Download

Alternatively, you can view the solutions in your browser via any of the following links:
Jan 2016
Jan 2017
Jan 2018
Jan 2019
June 2015
June 2016
June 2017
June 2018
June 2019

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