Michael Morrow is an accomplished financial planner, consultant, and life coach with over twenty-four years of experience in the financial services industry. Serving as both a top independent and career financial advisor, Michael has consistently earned local, regional, national, and even international recognition.

Before becoming an independent advisor, Michael amassed a great deal of experience working with some of the largest financial services companies in the country. He served as a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual, as a corporate trainer for Prudential Financial, and as a manager with MassMutual. During this time, he earned both the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designations. These opportunities helped Michael Morrow learn a great deal about training financial advisors and building successful teams.

Aspen Creek Wealth Strategies

In 2014, Michael Morrow founded Aspen Creek Wealth Strategies, an independent wealth management firm based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Serving clients and advisors across America, Aspen Creek is focused on the coordination of six areas of wealth management—asset management, credit management, cash flow management, risk management, tax planning and legal planning.

Michael Morrow and the rest of the Aspen Creek team provide creative solutions to business planning, estate planning, retirement planning, and charitable planning. Aspen Creek’s educational approach, consultative process, and proprietary LiSERT® analytics ensures that clients and advisors receive the most effective and efficient financial services in all six areas of wealth management. Their holistic approach is designed to help clients feel more confident in their financial decisions by tailoring each portfolio to their individual needs.

Ultimate Portfolio

With an understanding that no two clients’ needs are alike, Michael Morrow has positioned himself to provide each client with the necessary tools to build their ULTIMATE PORTFOLIO. Using qualitative and quantitative metrics provided by LiSERT’s analytics, Michael is able to analyze each client’s portfolio and determine what makes sense for each client.

Michael recognizes the concerns and problems that many new investors face: it can feel like the system is rigged against you because every dollar you lose to the market, or pay in expenses or taxes, ends up in somebody else’s pocket. In order to help clients, and investors alike, take control of their financial future and regain their confidence, Michael helps each client build their own ULTIMATE PORTFOLIO.

The ULTIMATE ASSET is an asset that is defined by high liquidity, low risk, low expenses, high returns, and low taxes. Furthermore, it is properly structured, funded, and used in a way that ensures investors are capturing all the money that they deserve.

No matter how you prioritize growth versus safety in the marketplace, the ULTIMATE ASSET is the perfect complement to your favorite investments. Michael Morrow knows firsthand that with the ULTIMATE ASSET you can effectively accelerate and multiply returns, and turn your current investments into your ULTIMATE PORTFOLIO.

If you are interested in building your ULTIMATE PORTFOLIO so that you can invest, protect, and grow your money with confidence, please check out Michael Morrow’s blog and the ULTIMATE PORTFOLIO website.